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A Titanic-Worthy Title Disaster

My next Harlequin release is July 2023! It’s a grumpy/sunshine, best-friends-to-lovers, fake date romance with a very cranky, extremely logical scientist hero and a cheerful literature professor heroine. I know STEM heroines are super popular right now, but some of us were English majors.

Well over a year ago, I pitched an amazing title for this book: The True Love Experiment. I loved it. My editors loved it. I did my usual Amazon check to make sure no one else had used it. Whew. All clear! Let’s do it! Cue the Titanic theme song…

The True Love Experiment was such an amazing title idea that Christina Lauren, one of my all-time favorite authors also came up with it. This is worse than showing up to an event wearing the same dress as someone else; it’s more in the league of accidentally swimsuit-twinning with my gorgeous twenty-something daughter. Worse, Christina and Lauren are actually super lovely people and were very nice to me when I fan-girled all over them at a book signing once and they just kept smiling and signing. Who knew we would meet again?