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Bet Me, Mr. Billionaire

A funny, warm-hearted romantic comedy about a woman who makes a life-changing bet with her grumpy billionaire boss—perfect for fans of Talia Hibbert, Lyssa Kay Adams, and Sally Thorne!

Harlow Harper is the world’s worst employee. She’s quit or been fired from her last six jobs. So convincing her new boss that she’s an awesome butler and personal assistant long enough to score her much-needed annual bonus will be difficult. Particularly when she sort of, accidentally knocked his new house down a cliff.

And particularly when that boss is Max Ivorsson, the world’s grumpiest billionaire and arrogant ass. She may want her bonus, but he wants revenge. He proposes a bet: if she can’t find him the perfect replacement house, he gets her…as his personal butler for a month of Sundays. If she wins–triple the bonus. Game. On.

Bet Me, Mr. Billionaire is a full-length, complete standalone, enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy with an arrogant boss and the sunshine woman who steals his heart. Beauty and the Beast, boardroom style!