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Her Christmas SEAL

Dear Santa: For Christmas this year, no men. Love, Holly.

I may be newly divorced, stranded in a small mountain town, and working as an elf at a cut-your-own-Christmas-tree farm, but I’m finally rid of my ex and putting food on the table. Independence rocks, and I’ve got zero interest in the former-SEAL-turned-firefighter who literally falls out of the sky and lands at my feet. Okay. Not zero interest. Jacks Benson is the foul-mouthed, irritating, way-too-sexy bad boy who tormented me through high school. He’s a player who got any girl he wanted… and now he claims he wants a second chance. A chance at me.

If Jacks is my Christmas present, he’d better come with a gift receipt… because he’s on my naughty list and this is definitely not a case of finders-keepers.