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A smokin’ hot fireman…. The girl who jilted him…. One night trapped on a mountain to rekindle old flames….

One glorious summer together. That’s what we had. And then Olivia Albert dumped me. I didn’t plan on ever seeing her again. I sure didn’t plan on finding her smack in the middle of a raging forest fire, needing my hotshot help to save her cute FBI-agent self.

She has no idea how she made me feel. What she makes me feel now. But being forced to camp out in the woods overnight while dodging flames, a terrorist, and memories makes a few things perfectly clear.

Fun fact of the night number one: Olivia is hotter than ever. Fun fact number two: She really, really likes my body. My firefighting muscles. My…hose. Fun fact number three: Sometimes you have to let a fire burn. And once we’re out of the woods and back to reality, neither of us can take back what’s been said and done.

I’ve got a second chance at Olivia, and this time I’m in it to win it.

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