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A dark fallen angel, a woman on the run, and one shot at survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Years ago, the world as humans knew it came to an end. The Fallen—once winged angels of light—crashed to the earth, endarkened and condemned to live as goblins without wings or souls until they found their fated mates. Now, in the year 2090, the first Fallen has found his mate.

Ria Morgan’s far too curious for her own good. The photojournalist exposes the truth about the world’s ugly secrets with her pictures. When her chopper crash-lands in a Fallen prison during an investigation, her only chance at survival is to outrun the prison’s savage occupants.

The Fallen angel who captures her is as brutal as the others of his dark kind, but he offers her an unexpected deal.

Mate with him.
Be his.
And he will keep her safe.

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