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I’m All A-Boat Loving You

Anne Discovers Books on Boats

So there I was reading Amazon reviews of THE INHERITANCE TEST and some lovely person commented that she bought my book because it had a boat on the cover. My first reaction was: whut??!!

My second reaction was art-focused. And nit-picky: But… you can only see part of the boat and it’s not the kind of boat my characters sailed because that’s what happens when the art department uses stock art!

My third reaction: Who looks for boat books?! And then I realized… I do, hahahaha. This is not my first boat book. Eons ago, I wrote a billionaire Russian mafia romance that takes place during a yacht race (XANDER) and a heroine who jumps (cruise) ship and is stranded on an island with her former hookup (WICKED SECRETS). This is where I had my Sam-I-Am moment. I do like green eggs and ham! I do like boats! I will take boats absolutely everywhere! When I look at my Goodreads, I’ve grabbed a whole bunch of boat romances in the last year. FLOAT PLAN is the one I haven’t read yet and it’s in Kindle Unlimited, so there’s my weekend reading plan. Starting your life over on a sailboat with a sailor you hired? Yes, please! Ask me Monday what I really liked…

Jill Shalvis’s IT’S IN HIS KISS has a sexy boatbuilder hero who falls off his boat and is rescued by the heroine meet-cute! Sadly, a really great pair of boots is ruined, but probably worth the true-love trade off.

My most recent contribution to the boat races is THE INHERITANCE TEST: movie star hero, charity boat race, stranded on Martha’s Vineyard after a boat wreck and so must cuddle for warmth! (I only wish I could say no boats were harmed in the making of this book)

Colleen Oakley’s THE INVISIBLE HUSBAND OF FRICK ISLAND… Spoiler: Starts out super sad, then adds the remote and beautiful Frick Island, then ends spectacularly, wonderfully happily-ever-after. Best time to start on Friday and finish on Sunday so you head into the week with the feel-goods.

Have you read and loved any of these? What boat books can you recommend to me?