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The Making of a Romance Cover and a Hot Doctor

In 2011 my first book was released with Kensington Brava. Burning Up was my first contemporary romance, but actually the third book I sold to a New York publisher. It has a smoke jumper hero and a lavender farm! (Spoiler: there would be more smoke jumpers and lavender farms to come)

MONTHS before the book released, Time Magazine wanted to do a story about the making of romance novel covers. They featured the cover shoot for Burning Up. There was video. The cover model was in med school and hero-worthy all on his own. I learned that Walmart would only let us show so much ab–and that when you talk to a reporter, all bets are off as to what they quote you on.

But in case you wonder why sometimes the cover cuts off the head of the guy… in the case of my second Kensington book, Slow Burn, it’s because they used the same photoshoot and same model for both book covers. Admittedly, Dr. Hotshot is absolutely worth looking at twice.