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This grumpy billionaire scientist and cheery professor are best friends—without benefits. But when they both need fake dates, they quickly discover love is not logical…in this scorching romance from New York Times bestselling author Anne Marsh.

As a scientist, he only believes in facts—until this experiment in fake dating leads to an irresistible discovery…

Wren Wilson desperately needs a date for her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. Meanwhile her friend—billionaire chemist Nash Masterson—has grudgingly agreed to participate in a charity bachelor auction. Dreading the event, the curmudgeonly tycoon convinces Wren to attend as his date and bid on him. In exchange, he’ll be her date at her ex’s wedding.

Nash scorns romance while Wren has always dreamed of true love. It’s why she’s never acted on her attraction to him before. But appearing as a convincing couple requires acting like lovers. And experimenting for their roles ignites an unexpected chemical reaction. Can Mr. Antiromance turn out to be Mr. Right?

He totally gave off Mr. Rochester vibes, if Jane Eyre’s Mr. Rochester had spent every moment not devoted to hiding his wife and romancing Jane to working out.

Wren Wilson

The Awesome Agency

Funny, warm-hearted romantic comedy perfect for fans of Talia Hibbert, Lyssa Kay Adams, and Sally Thorne!

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