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A yacht is close quarters for these enemies to lovers. Will past secrets make them cut and run? Find out in the latest from New York Times bestselling author Anne Marsh!

To save his inheritance, Declan Masterson needs to fix his playboy image—fast! Partnering with plain, respectable Charlotte Palsgrave for a charity yacht race is a genius first step, no matter how much she initially dislikes him. Charlotte is from an established family without a hint of scandal. Or so he thinks…

At first, they can barely speak to one another, let alone sail a boat together. And then he has the nerve to suggest she needs a makeover! But when the two become shipwrecked, they may discover just how much opposites can attract…

I haven’t taken orders since earning my first billion dollars, and I’m definitely not apologizing for anything.

Liam Masterson

Silicon Valley Billionaires

Sexy. Rich. In charge of the world. These Silicon Valley billionaires have it all. Except for love. Which may not be on their Top Ten list, but when you meet a woman who rocks your world and puts your alpha self in your place, well…. things change even if turns out there are some things you just can’t command or buy.

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