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Cover Reveal!

Harlequin's art department has gifted me with a new cover

Harlequin’s art department has gifted me with a new cover for Have Me, my February 2021 release. I really like the stubble, but the hair seems a little… sleek? At any rate, he’s a pretty man and seeing him on the front of the book is no hardship. Below is a little snippet of how Hana sees Liam. What do you think? Does the cover match the contents?

Liam in Hana’s words…

When the bedroom door opens behind me, I glue myself to the closest window, under the guise of admiring the view. Play it cool. You do not show fear to Liam—he’ll walk all over you, issuing well-intentioned orders.

So I give him side eye in the reflection and wait for him to make a move.

God, he’s gorgeous.

Bossy, arrogant, far too domineering—and so, so drop-dead gorgeous.

The window reflects a big bear of a man wearing a pair of misbuttoned, faded Levis and nothing else. The jeans hug an impressive bulge and a pair of wickedly muscled thighs. His sun-bronzed chest is all chiseled abs and, a faint trail of golden hair leading down to a very, very happy place. I stare shamelessly. He props one broad, muscled shoulder against the doorframe, jamming a hand into his pocket. Warm, amused eyes watch me watch him. He’s barefoot, and despite his huge size, he looks downright cuddly. He also looks like he’s once again very much in control. That first part is an illusion. Liam didn’t claw his way to the throne of the kingdom of Silicon Valley by being nice. Or sweet. Or anything other than whip-smart, ruthless, and willing to do whatever it takes.

Part of me finds said ruthless intelligence sexy.

The same part that likes to tease him.