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Three Billionaire Bad Boys

Because we all need a little fantasy escape in 2020

Dev, Max, and Jack

So I think we can all agree that 2020 flat-out sucked. Some days, weeks, and months were worse than others; some of us get the gold medal while others of us are just happy we only got the bronze. Maybe some of us didn’t even make the podium… but I have my doubts.

Publishing wasn’t spared the 2020 suckitude sweepstakes either. When COVID shut down the grocery stores in the UK, it did a massive number on Dare book sales (as in: so bad that when you look at your print book numbers you’re entirely certain it must be a mistake because Harlequin shipped you more author copies than that). There won’t be any more Dare books after 2021 as Harlequin is shutting down that line.

The good news, however, is that I released an entire trilogy of bad boy billionaires in the last twelve months, so if you’re looking for a little fantasy escape with powerful, successful men who know what they want in life and who aren’t above (below?) going a little caveman to protect the women they love. I don’t know about you, but I love a guy who makes me feel safe and cared for.


An undercover billionaire posing as an intern who just might want a forever job, a billionaire-creator of a hookup app who’s rethinking his policy on one-and-done, and a billionaire best friend